Corporate Social Responsibility

At AppleOne, our employees, customers, and communities are at the center of everything we do. From donating our time, to working side-by-side with organizations that make a difference, AppleOne is committed to creating a happier, healthier world that is accessible to everyone. For us, “Together… We Win!” is more than a slogan, it is a core value that drives us to create opportunities and improve lives in the communities we serve.

We Support the UN Global Compact

Our first Sustainability Report outlines the ActOne Group’s achievements in implementing eco-friendly practices, monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and establishing our future goals for sustainability.

“Together…We Win!” is a core value that embodies our desire to positively impact the world and environment, and creating a sustainable future through innovative strategy and solutions is a key part of this impact. By continuously making our workplace practices more sustainable and lowering our carbon footprint, we’re working to build a better tomorrow.

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Core Values

For more than 50 years our founders, Bernard "Bernie" Howroyd and Janice Bryant Howroyd, have made serving others a central theme in AppleOne’s culture. They believe that people are able to realize their full potential when provided with opportunities to better themselves. “A lot of people live as if they’re a guest in their own community, says Janice Bryant Howroyd. “If you contribute enough to this world, you can enjoy the strength that comes from being a part of something greater than yourself.”

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With over 200 offices around the country, AppleOne has their roots firmly embedded in the communities they serve. Each AppleOne location invests their considerable talents and resources close to home. This support takes many forms, for a wide variety of organizations and causes. At the heart of these efforts are the people that make our company special, doing what they do best, to make their communities stronger.

ActOne Group EcoVadis Award

The EcoVadis Silver award recognizes the ActOne Group for upholding strict standards regarding our environmental, human rights, and purchasing practices. The ActOne Group is committed to continually improving our social and environmental footprint through the rigorous assessment, measurement, and analysis of our business practices at all levels of the organization.

Living our core values means striving for excellence in everything we do. From reducing our carbon footprint to investing in more sustainable business practices, the ActOne Group is committed to improving our world, one innovation at a time.

ActOne Group Core Values

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Freedom to Innovate
Reflects the type of employees we attract, how we lead them, and how we approach our customers in a consultative and value adding manner

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Excellence of Delivery
We do not make shallow promises, we are reliable, and differentiate ourselves through flexible services

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Everything Matters...
We hold ourselves accountable to the past, present and future... so that we always provide a result

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The Time to Understand
Reflects our proactive interest in the best long-term result, whether listening to a customer or perfecting our operation

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