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Store Manager

Job Post: DSMG - TM1296

  • Up to $65,000
  • New York, 10001



Company is the newest express delivery service for groceries, cosmetics, and household goods. Our customers click a button in the App and enjoy a 15 minute delivery straight to their door. Company takes care of the shopping routine so that customers can focus on what is truly important to them: hobbies, work, family members and loved ones or just leisure.
Company fulfills orders from our strategically located stores, small warehouses where goods are stored. Inventory clerks collect orders, pick, pack and our Company couriers deliver them to end customers on bicycles.

? Work with the team — build strong team relationships with staff, plan and prepare schedules, train and oversee timely courier deliveries, pick packers and inventory specialists.
? Work with inventory — inventory tracking including monitoring expiration dates and maintaining inventory shelves.
? Work with documentation — complete timesheets, check waybills and invoices on all deliveries of inventory to the store
? Work with various suppliers — oversee all drop shipments as well as distribution center.
? Work with orders — assist with incoming orders and timely pass-off to couriers for delivery.

? Previous Managerial position or experience leading teams.
? Analytical mindset and ability to resolve untypical situations.
? Maintain quality and safety standards in store.
? Easygoing with ability to motivate co-workers.
? Basic knowledge of Word and Excel.
? Retail experience or knowledge of the product range will be an advantage.

? Annual Salary - $65,000+, paid by-weekly.
? Career growth opportunities – Director opportunity as locations expand.
? Paid training and onboarding.
? Weekdays, 8-hours shifts (7am to 4pm).
? Comfortable and safe environments – stores are not open to the public.

We are an Equal Employment Opportunity employer committed to excellence, diversity and inclusion.

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Account Executive Name:
Travis McGill
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(732) 603-2479
510 Thornall Street Suite 150, Edison, NJ 08830