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Customers Are Our Stakeholders

Welcome to our AppleOne family. Founded in 1964, our company is one of North America’s largest certified woman-minority-privately owned staffing agencies. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of The ActOne Group, a fully integrated staffing, technology, and workforce management solutions provider. As a privately-held company, AppleOne’s key stakeholders are its clients. This independence enables us to continually foster client-for-life relationships and develop resources designed to meet our client’s ever-evolving needs.

We Back Our Stakeholders

With the average customer relationship exceeding ten years, we have the data to show that our placements excel in their jobs and are typically promoted within three years of hire. We developed a guarantee program that supports your succession planning and backs the value of the candidate for five years – even in the event of promotion. We can do this because we understand that your long-term financial growth is mutually beneficial to us by gaining you as a client for life.

Dynamic Subject Matter Experts

AppleOne is an ideal staffing partner with capabilities to service companies large and small. Our high-touch approach to client-focused solutions allows us to deliver the intimate level of customer service that each client deserves, while our national size allows us to scale to meet any level of need. We passionately and diligently provide staffing services for direct hire, temp-to-hire, and temporary needs. With decades of expertise in a wide range of job functions, these are some of our core capabilities:

Examples of Core Job Functions

  • Call Center/Customer Service
  • Accounting/Financial
  • Insurance
  • IT/Engineering/Project Management
  • Human Resources/Talent Development
  • Legal
  • Logistics / Distribution
  • Administrative/ Operations
Putting the pieces together

Typical Staffing Situations

  • Direct Hire
  • Projects
  • Emergencies/ASAP
  • Peak seasons
  • Leaves of absence
  • Staff ramp-up
  • Staff augmentation
  • Temp-to-hire

Government Solutions Division

AppleOne’s GSD coordinates comprehensive staffing solutions for local, state, and federal agencies across all service lines.

Experience Our Sourcing Powerhouse

Our footprint spans the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, with over 200 sourcing points that encapsulate a depth of front-line and back-office support.

24x7 Coast-to-Coast

We understand that the candidate is the center of the universe. We prepared for the continual and growing talent shortage over a decade ago. From our corporate leadership to our marketing and human resources, all aspects of attracting the right talent and providing an unmatched candidate experience are built into our 24x7 recruiting model.

Onsite or Offsite

Over 200 centers

Fulfillment hubs

Local Hiring Events

Recruitment marketing

Exclusive sourcing channels

Sourcers & Recruiters

Dedicated project managers

Dedicated Point-of-Contact

A True Single-Point-of-Contact

Customer support starts and ends with a dedicated hiring advisor as a single point-of-contact who is backed by continually trained and engaged teams. Our teamwork model connects all our sourcing teams to ensure the fastest results. Our most valued business statement, “Together...We Win!” is always at the heart of our operations. We do not separate direct hire teams from temporary teams. We do not separate account management staff from recruiters.

“Our customers want the needs of their teams and culture kept intact.”

We Choose Validated Integrity

Holding ourselves accountable to the communities we serve is not a mere box to check. We are humble servants in supporting a thriving workforce so that our communities, in return, can flourish. We elect to be certified and audited annually for the integrity of our corporate social responsibility, hiring compliance, and information security.

Committed to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact

The ActOne Group supports the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. We are committed to attainment and progress in support of the principle-based approach. We embrace business community guidelines that substantiate our core values of social responsibility and align with corporate governance in an effort to achieve global sustainability, which is a core goal and function within our operations.

Our Hiring Made Human Pledge to You

Our unique “Hiring Made Human” approach means every candidate receives the respect, support, and advocacy they need to find the right fit for their unique talents. We recognize that our customers spend so much time at work that the people they work with become an extended family. Helping grow or maintain that family is delicate and requires a human touch. We pledge to always be Hiring Made Human.

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Deploying technology to empower more person-to-person interactions.

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Taking the time in person to understand what people need and care about.

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Helping people to have confidence and hope.

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Having someone there to answer our customer’s calls when they have a need or a question.

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Having someone looking out for them and their bottom line proactively.

Retention is the Indicator of Success

Placement completion and direct hire retention are the true measures of staffing success. AppleOne is the pioneer in engagement and retention practices for an outsourced workforce.

Candidate Care Framework

We deploy candidate care from initial engagement through successful assignment completion. Our strategies are designed so that our talent thrives in each workplace – be it remote, hybrid, or onsite – and we can reengage high-performing talent for future assignments.


4x30 Navigating the Hiring Process Outreach:
Job search training course to empower talent in their own job search.


Online library of hard- and soft-skill courses and tutorials:
The nation’s leading skills testing and tutorial software – IBM Assess.


Triple Check:
From the first day, we check in on our clients and talent to ensure a mutually beneficial fit is on track.


Monthly Talent 1on1:
We provide in-person or virtual reliability coaching, conflict resolution, and client feedback on worker sentiment.


Benefit plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act, 401k Plan, Credit Union, and retailer discount programs.


Recognition and Incentives:
Productivity, Safety, Completion, and Attendance raffles and awards; includes Employee of the Month and Supervisor of the Month.

Companies Choose
 AppleOne for Value

When you're considering your outsourcing options, it's good to compare total value.

Here are the values that AppleOne provides:

Virtual Agility

  • Virtual interviewing technology
  • Remote team leadership consulting and tools
  • Work-from-home equipment rental resources
  • Secure data environment


  • Corporate social responsibility programs
  • Client-specific diversity and inclusion alignment
  • ISO and IMAGE certifications
  • Government solutions capability
  • Ongoing training and certified recruiters
  • The industry’s only five-year guarantee on promotions, not just turnover

Leverage Expertise

  • Nearly 60 years of national tenure in your industry
  • High performer benchmarking and engagement expertise
  • Emotional intelligence (E.Q.) interviewing
  • Recruitment marketing


  • Preparing tomorrow’s leaders through relevant work internships
  • Benchmarking key traits and abilities
  • Skills testing and tutorials for candidates

Engagement Strategy

  • Placement retention procedures
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Coaching and recognition for employees
  • Tracking worker happiness and customer satisfaction

We can help with how to approach your own value stack in your hiring process.