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Growing through a global workforce transformation

We are growing through a global workforce transformation. Having made it through the initial rush to adapt, companies and their employees are now reprioritizing their needs and embracing those changes that offer an improved way of working. ​​Great leaders are moving swiftly by retooling hiring and retention practices to improve their employer value proposition.

As we work together towards growing our organizations for the long-term, we need to be equipped with the resources to succeed in the great Re-Engagement of our workforce.​ There are endless resources on the internet for improving hiring and engagement in all stages of the employment cycle. Your SCALE synthesizes what we have experienced to be most successful, into a collection of immediately actionable solutions and tools for several of today’s common leadership priorities.

To navigate this portal, ask yourself what your top priority is and the links below will jump you to that topic.

What Is Your Top Priority?

Hiring Talent Faster

73% of employers are having difficulty securing talent. This page shares our model of hiring in partnership with our customers and how to interview longer yet make the hiring decision faster.

Attracting Hard to Find Candidates Arrow facing right

This page shares how to articulate an employer value proposition attractive to today’s talent, with tools to help you apply it to your job advertising, traits interviewing, and onboarding.

Improving Engagement or Retention

Employees are seeking more value in work. This page shares ways to help with focus, wellness, and learn what value means to your unique team through Stay Interviews.

Managing Hybrid or Remote Teams Arrow facing right

The page provides a step-by-step approach to optimizing a hybrid or remote team setup with user tools to speed up implementation, such as a role questionnaire and collaboration schedule.

Optimizing Costs Arrow facing right

The average turnover raise is 10%. This page offers free job descriptions and salary guidance to help structure your staff for long-term growth.