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Why Companies Choose AppleOne?

Retention is the Indicator of Hiring Success 

The shifting workforce has revealed an increased priority for employers to add to their value proposition for employees. Adding value starts in the hiring process by focusing on factors for retention, not just hiring speed.

Step 1: Position Benchmarking

  • Complete a position Benchmarking profile of the hard and soft skills employees need to thrive
  • We meet with you to understand leadership’s overall workforce goals and strategies 
  • Articulate the Workstyle and Culture Match aspects for better organizational fit

Step 2: Employer Value Proposition

  • Take inventory of your value proposition to a candidate with a Employer Value Proposition—Employer Value Proposition 
  • Identify your Urgency Rating to kick off the right hiring partnership
  • We deploy targeted job advertisements, social recruiting outreach, and passive networking as needed

Step 3: Interviewing for Retention

  • We interview each candidate, virtually or in-person, to better understand their priorities and match to the position benchmarking, culture match, and compensation needs 
  • Use the Interview Success Form to interview for a precision job match and upsell your opportunity  
  • We explain all areas of compensation, make a Total Opportunity Offer, and Counteroffer Mitigation

Step 4: Secure Onboarding & Engagement Support

  • ISO 9001:2015 and IMAGE certified means data is secure and consistent processes mitigate risk 
  • Audited “Triple Check” SOP and “QC Premise Visits” commence
  • Implement retention tactics using the Career Level Engagement Plan

of working employees are open to new opportunities when contacted by a recruiter.12Postit Notes on Whiteboard

Value Stack

Value Stack

Virtual Agility

  • Virtual interviewing technology
  • Remote team leadership consulting and tools
  • Work-from-home equipment rental resources
  • Secure data environment


  • Corporate social responsibility programs
  • Client-specific diversity and inclusion alignment
  • ISO and IMAGE certifications
  • Government solutions capability
  • Ongoing training and certified recruiters

Leverage Expertise

  • 57 years of national tenure in your industry
  • High performer benchmarking and engagement expertise
  • Emotional intelligence (E.Q.) interviewing
  • Recruitment marketing


  • Preparing tomorrow’s leaders through relevant work internships
  • Benchmarking key traits and abilities
  • Skills testing and tutorials for candidates

Engagement Strategy

  • Placement retention procedures
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Coaching and recognition for employees
  • Tracking worker happiness and customer satisfaction

We can help with how to approach your own value stack in your hiring process.