Employers Have Shared a Bright and Confident Vision for 2021.

Growing through Uncertainty

2021 Outlook

Given the tremendous changes experienced in 2020, predictions around 2021 can best be described as “cautiously optimistic.” While many companies are hiring to add or maintain their current staff levels, some companies face the challenge of planning for growth. Evolving data and forecasts further complicate the landscape.

This edition of the SCALE will provide key insights that will help you navigate the hiring complexities that will shape the next year and beyond.

Only 6% plan further workforce reductions1.

This means employers will be:

  • Selectively hiring
  • Replacing resignations
  • Augmenting peaks with temps
  • Upskilling current staff

Amongst all the uncertainty, 94% plan to make a strategically defined change to their workforce

6% Reduce Staff

42% Grow Staff

52% Rehire or Maintain

2021 will be a transformative year for leaders…
and how they hire will be critical

While rising to the challenges of COVID-19…

leaders are shifting their attention to create a more resilient workforce and improve employee morale.



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“Companies will have to fundamentally transform how they hire and lead their teams moving forward to accomplish these goals.”

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We’re not just going through this, we’re Growing through this…together!

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Transitioning to Work-From-Home (WFH)

To hire and retain great talent, companies will need to understand each employee’s needs and how to best support them. But how will companies align the goals of the business against the needs of their employees? Here are some common misalignments companies will face in the coming months.

Goals Misalignment Example 1

Managers want to return to the office, but workers don’t.

Employees and candidates are highly-focused on the ability to work remotely and motivated by higher compensation.

Goals Misalignment: Example 1 Stats

57% of employees want to keep working from home2

45% of employers want all employees back in the office1


of job seekers are prioritizing WFH opportunities2

Goals Misalignment Example 2

After reductions in workforces and salary freezes/cuts, our best employees are stressed, but putting on brave faces to tough it out.

Behind the scenes…

16% are engaged 84% of employees would consider a new role with higher compensation or WFH opportunities. 2

Of the 84% of Employees Open to a New Job, Most Want Better Compensation


Better Pay


Career Path


Work / Life Balance



Planning for 2021

As a leader in the human resources and talent industry, AppleOne stands alongside our client partners to navigate the socio-economic impact of the current health crisis.

We continue to work with our clients to overcome negative economic shifts, bankruptcies, dynamic mergers, acquisitions or divestitures, leadership changes, natural disasters, pandemics, and geo/political strife across the globe. A resilient workforce and infrastructure have proven vital to business sustainability and growth, but continually shifting data is making forecasting a challenge.

So, how can we plan for resiliency during such uncertain times and shifting forecasts?

In a recent CareerBuilder survey, Clearly Rated and American Staffing Association (A.S.A.) companies reported their biggest hiring concerns are:

58% Said having the right skills on teams that are leaner than usual

57% Said having the flexibility to size up or down quickly


of employers plan to increase their long-term investment in flexible talent (temporary staffing) to become more nimble and resilient.6

CEOs from companies of all sizes and industries shared that temporary staffing allows them to:

  • Adjust their workforce to meet unpredictable demand quickly
  • Reduce hiring, payroll, liability, and turnover expenses
  • Amplify the operating effectiveness of their core business

When hiring urgency is low, AppleOne provides temporary staff exactly when and where their skills and productivity are needed. As hiring urgency increases, AppleOne has the resources to quickly assemble temp-to-hire and guaranteed direct-hire workers to maximize productivity and take advantage of opportunities.

Bottom line? Change and uncertainty drive the need for innovation and transformation. With AppleOne, your business gains the flexibility and expert advice it needs to make smart, strategic workforce investments.

“AppleOne gives our clients the freedom to remain flexible and productive through market ups and downs while taking advantage of every growth and revenue opportunity available to them.”

— AppleOne Regional Leader

Cost of Vacancy Calculator

Cost of Vacancy is more than $500 a day According to 42% of respondents, unfilled positions cost companies more than $500 per day and positions take an average of 30 days to fill, resulting in an average cost of vacancy of more than $15,000 when employers hire on their own.

(typically 3 according to Harvard Business School)

(Annual Contribution ÷ Work Days)

(average 34 according to SHRM Study)

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