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Creating Great Teams in a Ghosting Labor Market

Employers have identified hiring and retention as their top workforce priorities for 2020. This makes sense given that 95% of employers are planning to hire for growth (55%) or to replace talent (40%) during that time1. However, in the midst of a talent shortage, companies report encountering challenges in finding and engaging the talent they need to be successful.

Employers Report a 30-day Time-to-Fill

100s of unqualified applicants to screenOur clients tell us that hiring frustration starts with the time investment needed to screen a large number of unqualified applicants.

Ghosting Once employers find a possible match, candidates increasingly do not show up for the interview, or if hired, do not show up on the first day – a growing phenomenon known as ghosting.

Turnover/mismatched culture fit Once an employer hires someone, mismatched workplace attitudes or a lack of commitment can lead to rapid turnover and the need to start the process all over.

58% of Employees plan to quit in next 12 months

Great Teams Created by ☐ Luck ☑ Design

Right now is the best time to design a hiring infrastructure as a recruitment marketing strategy. 58% of people surveyed stated they plan to leave their current employer within the next 12 months2.

AppleOne has been helping our clients create great teams for more than 55 years. Our process for finding qualified candidates is methodical and starts with meeting with your key employees to benchmark them and culture-match what makes them so effective. From there, we find out what they love about working with you. This will help us identify a short list of highly-qualified candidates with the right attitudes to thrive in your unique culture. We share the benchmarking results with you so you can better understand how to motivate, engage, and retain your key team members.

Employers report that hiring with AppleOne is 3 times faster than hiring themselves1

Employer Time To Hire Vs AppleOne

15,000 Reasons Employers Cannot Afford Slow Hiring

Cost of Vacancy is more than $500 a day1

According to 42% of respondents, unfilled positions cost companies more than $500 per day and positions take an average of 30 days to fill, resulting in an average cost of vacancy of more than $15,000 when employers hire on their own1.

Cost Of Vacancy Calculator