SCALEYour 2020 Salary Guide


The Bureau of National Affairs estimates that US businesses lose $11 billion annually due to employee turnover. Between the cost of vacancy, the cost of hiring, and the cost of onboarding, even entry-level employees can cost up to 50% of annual salary to replace. For executives that cost quickly grows to 400% or more. These tools will help you retain your best staff.

Determine Turnover Risk

Identify turnover risk so you understand where best to focus your efforts.

Stay Interviews

This structured conversation you have with existing employees helps you understand why employees stay and what might cause them to leave.

Turnover Calculator

Calculate the full cost of replacing one of your employees so you understand if retention raises make sense.

Cost of Vacancy Worksheet

If you’ve lost somebody, leaving that position unfilled has real costs for the business. Calculate that cost so you understand how to prioritize replacement efforts.