SCALEYour 2020 Salary Guide


Our survey found that 68% of employers have changed their hiring process to make themselves more competitive. The most common change has been to streamline the process to allow for faster decision making. These tools will help you hire competitively.

Signs It's
Time to Hire

A worksheet to help you make informed staffing decisions.

Budget Approval

Make a data-driven case for hiring to leadership.

Marketing Your

A worksheet to help you describe your opportunity in a way that attracts top talent.

Your Opportunity

How to structure a job advertisements to deliver the right applicants.

Client Interview
Success Form

Go beyond tell me about yourself with a structured plan to learn about the candidate while selling your opportunity.

Making a Total
Opportunity Job Offer

This form will help you present the entire value of the offer from benefits to how the job meets the candidates personal goals so the conversation is about more than just money.


One of our most powerful tools, don’t risk losing your preferred candidate to a counteroffer.