Your 2019 Salary Guide

Strategies to Hire Top Talent Faster

Half of employers (50%) say filling their jobs is taking longer than ever before. The new rules of the hiring game focus on how to speed up the process:

  1. Expand our recruiting resources
  2. Have a competitive financial offer
  3. Clearly set ourselves apart from other employers
  4. Make a hiring decision much faster
10 Days hourglass

Speed or Spend

Once you identify a candidate, you must move quickly to keep them engaged. Candidates are interviewing with multiple companies and frequently have their choice of offers. Top candidates are usually off the market within 10 days, so the longer it takes to make a hiring decision the more likely you are to lose your top choice to a competing opportunity.

Speed is also important because of the cost of leaving positions unfilled. Nearly a third of employers (31%) say that on average unfilled positions cost them more than $500 per day. The longer a position remains unfilled, the higher those costs become.

AppleOne provides many tools to help employers reduce time to hire. Clients report that positions hired through AppleOne are filled more than twice as fast as when employers hire on their own. In fact, 72% of employers say speed is one of the top reasons they work with AppleOne, followed by expanded talent pools and better cultural fit.

500 dollars per day Average

Cost Of Vacancy Calculator

Competition for Talent is Fierce

Unemployment rates are reaching historic lows, and job seekers say they have such an abundance of opportunities they do not even apply to 40% of the jobs they match.1 At the same time, a growing number of employers (48%) say they plan to increase headcount in the coming months—creating even more demand for a steadily shrinking pool of available candidates.

40 percent job board matches ignored
69 percent working professionals do not visit job boards

Companies seeking to grow need to recruit from expanded sources, including the ranks of the already employed. Fortunately, 77% of employees say they are open to hearing about the right opportunity.1 Unfortunately, most of those potential candidates are not actively seeking new opportunities, so employers partner with AppleOne to reach that hidden pool of employed talent and motivate them to make a move.