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2018 SCALE

Job Descriptions

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Job Description Database Administrator (DBA)

Short Description:

Ensure the performance integrity and quality of databases. Manage the design and development of databases and related master files. Oversee contributions by Systems, Operations, and Technical Support to develop and improve databases and master files. Control system capacity for existing requirements and plan for future needs. May supervise or mentor Database Analysts.

Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Test programs or databases, correct errors and make necessary modifications.
  • Modify existing databases and database management systems or direct programmers and analysts to make changes.
  • Plan, coordinate and implement security measures to safeguard information in computer files against accidental or unauthorized damage, modification or disclosure.
  • Work as part of a project team to coordinate database development and determine project scope and limitations.
  • Write and code logical and physical database descriptions and specify identifiers of database to management system or direct others in coding descriptions.
  • Train users and answer questions.
  • Specify users and user access levels for each segment of database.
  • Approve, schedule, plan, and supervise the installation and testing of new products and improvements to computer systems such as the installation of new databases.
  • Review project requests describing database user needs to estimate time and cost required to accomplish project.
  • Develop standards and guidelines to guide the use and acquisition of software and to protect vulnerable information.

Skills / Requirements / Qualifications

  • Complex Problem Solving — Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
  • improvements or take corrective action.
  • Operations Analysis — Analyzing needs and product requirements to create a design.
  • Systems Analysis — Determining how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes.
  • Backup or archival software — Acronis Recovery Expert; BMC Software Control-M software; Legato NetWorker; Oracle Data Guard
  • Data base management system software — Microsoft SQL Server; MySQL software; Quest Central; Sybase Replication Server
  • Metadata management software — Data mapping software; Data modeling software; IBM Rational Data Architect; Visual Paradigm DB Visual ARCHITECT
  • Object or component oriented development software — C++; Microsoft Visual C# .NET; Practical extraction and reporting language Perl; Sybase PowerBuilder
  • Operating system software — DOS shell script; Microsoft Windows; Shell script; UNIX

Job Zones

  • Considerable Preparation Needed
  • Education: Most of these occupations require a four-year bachelor's degree, but some do not.
  • Related Experience: A considerable amount of work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is needed for these occupations. For example, an accountant must complete four years of college and work for several years in accounting to be considered qualified.
  • Job Training: Employees in these occupations usually need several years of work-related experience, on-the-job training, and/or vocational training.
  • Job Zone Examples: Many of these occupations involve coordinating, supervising, managing, or training others. Examples include accountants, sales managers, database administrators, teachers, chemists, environmental engineers, criminal investigators, and special agents.
  • Specific Vocational Preparation in years: (7.0 to < 8.0)

Job Category

IT and Engineering

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