2017 SCALERetention Expertise


Attract the Best Recruiting marketing plan

Your hiring advisor can work with you to create a marketing plan that combines insider knowledge of what attracts candidates with the most marketable aspects of your opportunity and company.

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Hire the Best Benchmarking Process

Your hiring advisor can benchmark current employees to identify key traits, work habits, and motivators needed to excel in your company or team. This enables better recruiting, screening, and time-to-fill.

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Keep The Best Placement Engagement standard operating procedure

Our guiding principle is that the candidate is the center of the universe. Employees are more likely to stay when they are positvely held accountable. We provide engagement support with weekly coaching, formal monthly one-on-ones, management reporting, and recognition incentives.

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Only Pay For Results Guaranteed ROI

Avoid risking thousands of dollars recruiting on your own in a talent shortage. There is no charge for our upfront recruitment services or for interviewing our talent. We only invoice customers once they have a hire that has started work.

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