2017 SCALEHiring Toolkit

We have been helping our clients market their job opportunities for more than 50 years. Throughout that time, we have seen almost every type of labor market there is to see. From too many candidates to not enough candidates, each market has its own unique set of challenges.

However, today's market is proving to be especially challenging. Since the end of the recession, most employers (67%) have been telling us that it has been very difficult to find top talent, and the majority (53%) say it became even harder in the past year.

More than half of all employers (54%) have positions for which they simply cannot find talent. And with 98% of employers planning to add or replace lost headcount in 2015, the challenges are only going to increase.

As we have consulted with our clients, we have developed a number of tools to help them win the war for talent. Now, at this critical time, when companies should be achieving maximum growth and need top talent to thrive, we have assembled some of the most valuable tools to help you every step of the way. From gaining budget approval, to marketing your opportunity, interviewing, and making the offer, these tools will help you achieve your staffing goals.