2017 SCALE Engagement Tools:
Stay Interviews

Stay Interview Script

Stay interviews are conducted to help managers understand why employees stay and what might cause them to leave. In an effective stay interview, managers ask open ended questions rather than questions that can be answered with a Yes or No, and take the time to acknowledge and explore answers before moving on to the next question. Here are some possible questions to consider when planning your discussion.

Number 1

Put The Employee At Ease

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I and the company appreciate you and the work that you do. I really want great employees like you to have a positive working experience, so I’d like to get a better understanding of what you like most about working here, what motivates you to come in every day and how we can make it an even better experience for you.

Number 2

Lead In With Positives

  • What was a highlight for you this quarter?
  • What excites you when you think about coming to work? What is it that you can’t wait to do?
  • If you won the lottery and didn’t have to work anymore, what would miss most about your job?
  • What keeps you working here?
  • How do you envision your career path with our company?
Number 3

Determine Frustrations

  • What would you like to accomplish in your career that you aren’t sure you would be able to accomplish here?
  • On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being most happy, how happy are you in your job?
  • What would need to change to make that a 5?
  • Think back to a time since you started, when you have been at least slightly frustrated or anxious in your job. What were the factors that most contributed to that frustration?
  • What eventually happened to lower that frustration?
  • What are the 2-3 primary challenges you are experiencing now?
  • Have you ever thought about leaving? If you have, what was it that made you consider that, and why did you decide to stay?
Number 4

End On A Building Note

  • What would allow you to do the best work of your life here?
  • How do you prefer to be recognized when you do a great job?
  • What opportunities for self-improvement would you like to have?
  • What support or feedback can we provide you?
  • Is there anything else that is important to you that we did not cover during this meeting?
  • If you were trying to recruit somebody into our company, what would you tell them about why this is a great place to work?

Thank you for your candid feedback. I want you to be happy here, so it’s important that I know how you’re feeling. If you’re ever feeling frustrated or thinking about leaving, please come to me, and if you think of anything we didn’t address here, will you share that with me?

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