2017 SCALE Engagement Tools:
Identify Employee Engagement Level

Abraham Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' provides a simple way to understand what your employees require to feel engaged and how to move them up to the highest level of engagement, satisfaction, and effectiveness.


Level One - Foundational Needs

Fair pay, benefits, security, and stability are basic needs. They cannot create engagement, but engagement is not possible if these needs are not being met.

Foundation Level Tools

Level Two - Engagement Needs

A sense of belonging, career development, and recognition are things managers must provide to create engagement in their employees.

Make sure these are:

    • Timely
    • Visible
    • Proportional
    • Personalized
    • Sincere
    • Consistent

Engagement Level Tools

Level Three - High Engagement Needs

As engagement increases and employees become more senior in their careers they look for more autonomy and a chance to create impact. The manager's role at this point is to help facilitate that.

High Engagement Level Tools