2017 SCALE Engagement Tools:
Stay Interviews

Eight Signs Someone May Leave

Regular Stay Interviews are very valuable, but some employers choose to focus additional attention on those employees most at risk of leaving. When evaluating turnover risk, here are Eight Signs Someone May Leave:

1. Using up benefits:

They start taking more time off, they’re using up medical/dental benefits.

2. Work hours/breaks change:

They are taking long lunches, their schedule suddenly changes, 9-5 everyday, oddly comes in late, they leave as soon as their shift is over.

3. Production drops:

They show a drop off in any interest in work, their productivity drops, they’re uncomfortable discussing long-term projects and deadlines, less proactive or team oriented.

4. They become distant:

Stay under the communications radar, there’s a noted change in attitude, they lack a sense of humor, they approach conflict differently, there’s a change in their appearance, emails instead when calling is the expected norm.

5. Life event impact:

They tell you about major changes on the home front, experiencing a major life event.

6. Your gut tells you:

You have a bad gut feeling, you inquire about possible issues, but get little feedback, colleagues tell you they think something’s up.

7. Leaving activities start:

They’re ultra-efficient, tying up loose ends, suddenly cleans their desk, they’re more active on LinkedIn, showing up oddly dressed more professional than normal.

8. Warning language used:

Employees who comment that they are “overdue” for important things, top performer saying they feel underused, expresses a loss of hope for company or C-level.