2017 SCALE - Your Salary Guide

About Your SCALE

Your Standards for Compensation And Leadership Excellence (SCALE) goes beyond simple salaries to provide the tools and information your business needs to grow. More than 61% of our clients told us retention and employee engagement were key focus areas, so the 2017 SCALE expands on our Hiring Toolkit to provide information and tools related to employee engagement and Retention.

56% of Employees are ready to resign
78% of Employees are not fully engaged
42% of Employees turned over in past 12 months

What Will It Cost You to Lose Your Key Employee?


Typical Turnover Costs



Cost of


x Productivity
Multiplier (3)
x Days to Fill


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Cost of


Interviewing and, Screening Time, Advertising, Assessments


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Cost of Onboarding


Training Costs, Lost Productivity, Ramp-up Costs

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