I have used several agencies over the past 30 years. Many of them process large numbers of candidates daily and do not provide personal attention to any of them. AppleOne thoroughly tested my skills and spent enough time with me in the interview to really get to know me. I did not feel like "just another resume in the file".

- Judie Schneider -


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Dress For Success

Change is central to the modern business environment. As new roles are created and adapted to reflect evolving trends, old rules get left behind in favor of new standards that can often seem confusing or undefined. Dress-down Fridays, Business Casual, the growing list of clothing options blurs the line between acceptable and unacceptable dress. However, for all the confusion, there remain several key, guiding principals central to an appropriate work wardrobe.

Begin by recognizing that no one style is appropriate in every instance. For example, it is acceptable, even necessary to wear a business suit, blouse or dress shirt, ties if you are a man, hose if you are a women and professional shoes in a professional environment or to an interview. However, those same items would seem out of place on the floor of a warehouse where jeans, a plain T-shirt and tennis shoes or boots are more appropriate.

Similarly, in a business office, you should wear dress slacks or a skirt, a blouse or dress shirt, ties if you are a man and hose if you are a woman. If on the other hand you are in a casual environment, slacks or a skirt, a shirt with a collar even a sweater would be nice. In both cases, you should leave the tennis shoes for the gym.

In any work environment, clothing must be clean, pressed, and free of holes. Hair and fingernails should be clean and neat.

Jewelry must be minimal. If you are uncertain about where to draw the line, adapt the rule of 12 which says that you should never have more than 12 separate articles of clothing visible. This includes shoes, socks, watches, belts, tops, jackets, pants, skirts or any other accessory or item of clothing.

Men should not wear earrings in the work place. Sleeveless shirts, open-toed shoes, mini skirts, hats, T-shirts and slogans or pictures, and evening wear are never appropriate in a work environment.

People are often judged by the clothes they wear. The image you project should always be professional and appropriate to your job. Make your first impressions count. If you are ever uncertain or have any questions or concerns, contact your account executive. They are there to help you to be the best you can be in every way possible.

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Well I found out about AppleOne through a friend, I was hard on my luck not being able to find employment, the very next day from signing up I got a job! I would recommend this place to ALL my friends who don't have jobs!

- Rachel McLaughlin -


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