Your Time Card Instructions

  1. Use a ballpoint pen, press firmly and write in print.
  2. Print the name of the company where you worked.
  3. Record daily total hours to the nearest minute. Draw lines through days and overtime not worked. If you make a mistake, please have the supervisor initial the correction.
  4. Record total hours for the week (including overtime and double-time). Call your Account Executive regarding any questions. Overtime must be approved in advance by your Account Executive.
  5. Print week-ending date.
  6. Indicate if this assignment is completed.
  7. Print your name in the appropriate area.
  8. Print Social Security Number in the appropriate area.
  9. Have the company supervisor review and sign your time sheet.
  10. Sign and date your time sheet.
  11. Detach yellow and pink copies.
  12. Give the yellow copy to your supervisor, and keep the pink copy for your personal records.
  13. Insert the white sealed copies into the envelope provided. You can either mail or hand-deliver the envelope to your branch office.

Time Sheet Reminders

  1. Completed Time Sheets from the previous workweek are due on Mondays at noon, and payday is on Fridays.
  2. To get paid on time, you must submit your Time Sheets in a timely manner, otherwise, your check will be delayed until the next pay period.
  3. If your assignment ends before the week-end day (Saturday), complete and have your Time Sheet signed by the supervisor on your last day. If possible, submit your completed Time Sheet to your branch as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for your Account Executive to compute and confirm the hours you worked.