Often internships are an important step to begin your career. Allow us to help you clarify your interests, begin the foundation of your professional network, and gain the essential skills needed for a bright future.

The Intern-to-Dream Program
Interning Made Human

Integrating New Talent through Education and Real-time Networking

When you intern for us, you will join a team of forward thinkers in our innovative internship program that focuses on turning you into a leader in the workplace. We offer unique internal corporate internships in addition to networking opportunities with our leading partners. We can assist you to find the path to your dream career. Allow us to help you on that journey.

Step 1: Choose the program that best fits you

Rotation Program:

Uncertain of you career path? In our 12 week internship program, you will work with leaders and mentors in various specialties and departments across the company to determine your main area of interest.

Specialized Intern Program:

Do you know exactly what you want to do? Based on your college major or main area of interest, you will be placed in a specific department during the duration of the program. There you will work with leaders and mentors in a customized setting that best fits your needs to prepare you for your dream career.

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Step 2: Choose whether you are looking to start your career or just want school credit for now

Intern-to-Work Program:

If you are looking to start a career after your internship, this is the program for you. We will strengthen your skills through the AppleOne Certification, our stamp of approval on your resume. You will be part of a growing network of leaders and mentors while gaining the valuable experience that you need to succeed. With our internal opportunities and connections to leading companies in the workforce, we will work with you with a specific position in mind and help you land your dream career.

Intern-to-Credit Program:

Not sure of your immediate career path but still want to receive school credit while growing personally? If so then our Intern-to-Credit program might just be the fit you’re looking for. In your time with us, you will work with leaders and mentors on innovative projects while preparing yourself for your next step. You will play a vital role as a College Ambassador, a position that will give you the opportunity to socialize and share ideas with like-minded students on and off campus through the many interactive opportunities that we offer at your school.

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Internship Positions:

  • Human Resources
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Information Technology
  • Sales
  • Payroll
  • Recruiting
  • Accounting
  • Admin/Office
  • Business Analyst
  • Entertainment
  • Legal
  • Writing
  • Web Developer
  • Healthcare
  • Software Developer
  • Finance
  • Employee Relations
  • Business Development
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Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in the AppleOne Intern-To-Dream Program! We are excited to announce we are now accepting applications to our Summer 2017 internship. The program will last 12 weeks, starting June 5th–August 18th.

Submissions are due by: April 30th 2017

This is a paid internship.

Please complete the application below, and we will be in touch!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at:

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