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Q. We're so busy that we never seem to have time to use all of the vacation time we're allotted. On the one hand, I appreciate my employees' commitment to working hard and getting the job done, but as a manager I also want to be sure my people are happy and don't burn out. What can I do to encourage my team to take a day off?

A. Many organizations have a use it or loose it policy as a way of making sure their employees take time in smaller more manageable annual blocks instead of saving time that can lead to burn out and large payouts at the point of termination. If you have an HR department you may want to discuss a policy like that with them. AppleOne can provide you with temporary help to make sure work gets done while your employees are on vacation or leave. You could talk to your employees about setting up a rotation for when they're all going to be off and let them know you have a resource coming in to cover so they don't need to feel guilty about taking that time. Finally, as a manager you lead by example. If you are always too busy to take time off, your team may be afraid to ask for time because of how that might be perceived.

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