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What Makes People Happy at Work?
by Joan Lloyd

Millions have been spent to find the answer to that question. Countless studies have been done to unlock the Rosetta Stone of employee satisfaction. Retention is analyzed, measured and debated.


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Assertiveness and Direct Communication: Your Wording is a Critical Productivity Tool

One of the factors that sets human beings apart from the rest of Creation—that has, in fact, helped make us the dominant species on this planet—is our ability to communicate in great detail, with a minimum of confusion and unproductive "noise." That said, it's amazing how easy it is to fail to communicate properly. The annals of history are replete with episodes of poor communication (or a complete lack thereof) that led to widespread misery and pain. On a lesser scale, individuals and businesses have to deal with miscommunication issues every single day; and in the workplace, such issues can have a severe impact not just on individual productivity, but on the overall bottom line.


Q. I’ve generally preferred to bring people on temp-to-hire, because I like being able to test people out and making sure that they’ll fit into the department. The thing is that you sent us somebody who’s currently working, and they’d only come aboard for a perm position. How does the whole perm thing work, and what if they don't fit in?

A. Temp-to-Hire and Direct Hire each have advantages. As you've recognized one advantage of Direct Hire is that it opens your pool of candidates up to include those that are currently employed. In the search for the best candidate possible, this can make a huge impact. While Temp-to-Hire does provide an opportunity to evaluate the candidate before making a hiring decision, our Direct Hire placements are backed with the best guarantees in the industry, so you can feel very confident hiring in that manner.

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