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How Much is Too Much When it Comes to Sharing Information with Employees?
by Joan Lloyd

Company A has a "need to know" culture. The leaders like to keep things close to the vest. "Why should we share the strategic plan?" they argue. "Employees aren't going to understand it, or care, anyway." They also don't take the time to hold company meetings, share sales or financial data, or let the employees know how the company is doing in the marketplace. Their style is paternal: leaders know better—so we'll tell you what to do.


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How to Really Listen to Your Employees
by Ian Cook

When you have a tough conversation with employees, do you want your staff to feel free to come to you with a problem that requires your help? And when they do, do you want to be clear on what the problem is? Do you want to save time by getting it right the first time? And do you want to communicate that you care?


Q. Several new hires have only lasted somewhere between 6 months to 1 year. Can you help us find people who will stick?

A. Absolutely. Your local AppleOne representative is an expert at finding people who will be a good fit a specific position. This generally includes a site visit so that they can develop a thorough understanding of what the work environment is like as different applicants will prefer different work environments. They'll also take a detailed job description and dig for the really specific details that might not be evident from a generic job description. Because of this attention to detail, our clients tell us that our applicants stay in their positions for 3 years and are generally promoted out of those positions rather than terminating. That is why we are able to guarantee our placements for 5 years.

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