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Hire and Retain Top Talent with 'The SCALE'

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Every year, AppleOne releases a comprehensive compensation guide for the upcoming year. For 2013, we rebuilt our guide from the ground up to make it an even more valuable tool for employers. The 2013 AppleOne Standards for Compensation and Leadership Excellence report (also known as The SCALE) is now available.  The SCALE was compiled from extensive research conducted with our branch locations, interviews with HR and labor experts, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and O*NET data, and ongoing client surveys.  Our 2013 version of The SCALE provides you with the most current information on compensation and workforce trends.

Compensating for the Talent Deficit

The SCALE also analyzes the Talent Deficit and identifies the factors that are preventing companies from competing and growing as quickly as they could. The SCALE explores the root causes and offers real solutions that you can implement immediately to outperform your competitors.

Highlights that bring the Talent Deficit into sharper focus include:

  • 67% of employers report that it is very difficult to find top-level talent
  • 60% of the workforce will be retiring over the next 10 years and will leave a skills gap
  • Recruiting intensity is still down 17% from the pre-recession peaks
  • 24% of CEOs can not achieve growth forecasts because they do not have the right talent

Updated Information to Give You the Upper Hand

To ensure your competitive edge when trying to identify, attract and retain top talent, we have also created a complementary website that will let you gain the most up-to-date financial information and workforce guidance, personalized salary information and expanded job descriptions.  To access the website, you will need a special code that is printed on the back of your copy of The SCALE.

To receive a copy of The SCALE, you will need to either:

  1. Contact your local AppleOne associate or office (note that branch contact information can be found at
  2. Complete The SCALE request form at
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