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Hire and Retain Top Talent with 'The SCALE'

Every year, AppleOne releases a comprehensive compensation guide for the upcoming year. For 2013, we rebuilt our guide from the ground up to make it an even more valuable tool for employers. The 2013 AppleOne Standards for Compensation and Leadership Excellence report (also known as The SCALE) is now available. The SCALE was compiled from extensive research conducted with our branch locations, interviews with HR and labor experts, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and O*NET data, and ongoing client surveys. Our 2013 version of The SCALE provides you with the most current information on compensation and workforce trends.


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Ten Smart Ways to Save Money on Training
by Leslie Allan, Managing Director, Business Performance

This may not be the first time that your CEO has sliced your training budget and I am sure it will not be the last. If you already run a lean and mean training function, then congratulations on your efforts. You may find, though, that your previous good management will not slow the CEO from asking you to shed some more expenses. Whether you have already optimized your training function in the past or you realize that you have a long way to go, here are ten practical steps that you can take to weather any financial storm.


Q. Somebody asked to connect to me on LinkedIn after I interviewed them. It seemed a little forward to me like asking to look at my address book at an interview. Should this impact my hiring decision?

A. People use LinkedIn in various ways. Some seek to link with everybody they meet and even people they've never met. Others are more selective about who they choose to link with. Similarly an applicant may present themselves as overly formal or overly casual in an interview based on the preferences of the interviewer. There is no recognized "right" way to behave in these situations, and it doesn't reflect on the applicant's ability to perform the required tasks of a position. However, it might give one of many small clues into how well they would fit culturally into the organization.

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