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The 2008 Salary Guide Provides the Information You Need

AppleOne's 2008 Salary Guide is a resource for companies to optimize productivity and maximize profits. Rich with relevant information, it functions on many different levels. It's a window into current workplace trends like flex-time and benefit packages. Hiring managers have access to a comprehensive breakdown of salaries and variances across a wide range of fields including Accounting, Human Resources and Clerical. It also features a job description glossary with the average experience requirements in each field.


Balancing Workplace, Home and Holiday Stress
by Joan Lloyd

The unrealistic expectations and extra responsibilities can make the holidays anything but merry. If the holidays are supposed to be a time of cheer, family togetherness and festive parties, why are so many people showing symptoms of stress-anxiety, short temper, depression and distraction?


Book Review

Reference Checking for Everyone: How to Find Out Everything You Need to Know About Anyone
by Paul W. Barada and J. Michael McLaughlin

Most managers agree that the one mistake they cannot afford to make is a bad hire and reference checking is a critical component in your hiring decision. Supervisors looking for the last word on reference checking will find Reference Checking for Everyone chock full of practical advice designed to save hassles, time, and face. Whether someone is unqualified or has a past history of spotty performance, this book will help you uncover personal information quickly. In addition, Barada simplifies various legal issues connected with reference checking and supplies information on how to protect your business.


Q. We've had one of your temps here for the past few months. They just asked me when we'd be sending out W2s. I guess they want to get their refund as early as possible. I don't think we are supposed to send out W2s for temps, but this is the first time I've had one, so I figured I'd better make sure.

A. No, AppleOne Temporary Associates are employees of AppleOne. As such, we will be sending out their W2 tax forms. If you mention it to your AppleOne Account Executive, they can speak with the temporary associate to clear up any misunderstandings in that area.

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