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Effective Workplace Communication

In a survey conducted by management consultant and author Gregory P. Smith, respondents were asked this question: "To improve your workplace environment what would you like to see your executives/supervisors/managers do?" 69% of the respondents said, "Be better at communicating."

Fortunately, effective communication is a skill that is relatively simple to master. Read on to learn how you easily and successfully can get your point across. More...

Determining the Best Payroll Processing Method for Your Business

Now is the time of year when businesses should be thinking about their payroll processing methods. A great deal of tax data, and therefore payroll data, starts over at year's end. That means we're fast approaching the simplest and most convenient time that you can switch processing methods. The next few months present the best window in which you can review your current processes and make sure they are right for you. Businesses considering a change have many options they might wish to consider.

Employers can choose between two basic payroll processing options: use an in-house method, or outsource the work to an independent payroll service. Each basic category has its share of pros and cons. More...

Book Review
Creating Leaderful Organizations: How To Bring Out Leadership In Everyone
-by Joseph A. Raelin
Berrett-Koehler, 250 pages, $16.07

Creating Leaderful Organization’s system of mutual checks and balances directly challenges the conventional view of leadership as "being out in front" and encourages organizations to adopt a new paradigm of participative leadership. Because our culture values individualism while preaching teamwork, people often underestimate the value of participative leading. The book manages to move beyond the clichés of empowerment and offer inclusive strategies for effective leading. More...

Q. My company doesn't currently have a formalized separation policy. We've been thinking about developing an Exit Interview, but aren't sure how best to structure that. Are there any best practices?

A. An exit interview is an excellent idea for a number of reasons. First, it can help you to improve retention. If you're consistently getting the same feedback, that could highlight an area you'll want to examine more closely. Second, in the case of a terminated employee, it can help defend against litigation. Your former employee may be more candid about their performance and attitudes as they relate to reasons for separation before they have obtained counsel, and you'll want to make sure your interview is structured to solicit that kind of honest feedback. More...

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