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Q. We’ve recently seen a significant uptick in our turnover rate. After struggling to maintain some of our best people through the recession, it looks like we’re at the point where we're in danger of losing them to more lucrative offers. I know everybody is stretched pretty thin. We’ve had to ask our people to give more than 100%, but even though things are looking up, we still need to maintain aggressive budgets. What’'s the best way to strike a balance at this critical juncture?

A.Strategic use of contingency staffing can allow you to take some of the pressure off your core staff while still maintaining your cost containment measures. It’s also worth comparing the cost of replacing your key employees to the cost of increasing compensation. Especially if you are able to increase lower-cost but higher valued perks in the compensation plan, you'll typically find that retaining top performers is significantly more cost effective than replacing top performers. As you do need to find replacement employees, AppleOne can help you move more quickly to lower your cost of vacancy, and can help you get the most out of the remaining cost savings available through the HIRE Act.

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