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Staying Energized in the Daily Grind
by Ian Cook

It is mid afternoon. You are sitting at your desk trying to pull together this important proposal for your boss. It is due the day after tomorrow. As you wrestle with how to incorporate a complex spreadsheet from the finance department, you wonder when your quality analyst will bring in those last two key pieces of production information. Then there is still your own summary piece to write. But what will you write? The recommendations just aren't coming from your brain.


Hire For Attitude, Train For Skills
by Mel Kleiman

Robin Hood is reputed to have said, "I can't hit the target when I don't know what it looks like." While he wasn't talking about hiring new employees, the quote aptly illustrates the first thing you need to do before you recruit and hire anyone — make sure you know what your target employee looks like. I'm not talking about physical characteristics or even a job description. I'm talking about analyzing what it takes to be successful in the job.


Book Review

Managing People for the First Time
by Julie Lewthwaite

Making the leap to managing people for the first time can often feel like a full time job in itself. Because managing people is an art and a craft, this book devotes equal time to both aspects. Lewthwaite dives deep into topics relevant for new supervisors and ones who may be encountering challenging situations on the job. She is not content to dismiss a condition as completely positive or negative. For instance, Managing People for the First Time explores how stress and conflict can be constructive forces for new managers. Of course, the trick is successfully managing these potential stressors, and the book succeeds in doing that.


Q. With fuel prices going up, we've found that more and more employees have been asking for modified work weeks or other flex scheduling arrangements. What are the best practices for something like this?

A. Our 2008 Salary and Benefits survey has an entire section that discusses flexible scheduling. You can request a copy for yourself here.

Question: As fuel prices rise do you have more employees request flex schedules?

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