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Q: I have an open position that I need to get filled. The past three people I've made an offer to have declined. What's the deal? Why can't I get this position staffed?

A: We would need to know a great deal more about your company and your available position before we could even begin to answer a question like that. You should speak with a local AppleOne branch representative who can help you work through all of the possible issues. However, we can list a few of the potential problems for you.

Are you taking too long to make a decision? Great candidates go incredibly quickly. They are probably interviewing with several companies, so if you're going to make an offer, you should make it fast.

Is the compensation appropriate to the prevailing market rate for the position? Top talent is in high demand. You may need to look into sweetening the pay or benefits to attract the type of candidate you're looking for.

Are you selling the applicant on the position during the interview? Often we get so focused on making sure that the applicant is right for us, we forget that we also have to show the applicant that we are right for them. Sell the company. Sell the job. Get them excited about working for you.

Again, those are just a few of the possible explanations you might want to explore. Speaking with your local AppleOne account executive will help you narrow in on a specific problem and solution.

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