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The Cold and Flu Catch 22
by Suzanne Dyer-Gear, MAS, SPHR

Imagine going to work tomorrow morning only to find that one of your employees has come down with a nasty virus. They reported to work, but are at their desk or work area sneezing, coughing and looking pretty awful. What should we do? Praise them for coming to work sick, or send them home to bed until they get better? Tough call.


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The ABCs of Hire Tough, Manage Easy
by Mel Kleiman

When you make it a practice to hire tough, everything else gets easier. Hire tough managers know exactly who they’re looking for and refuse to lower their standards. They cover all the bases – from A to Z – and create a win-win situation for employee and employer alike.


Q. We’re thinking about putting together some guidelines for our employees who are blogging and Twittering and Facebooking. Can you point me to some best practices for something like that?

A. Stewart Mader from Future Changes has assembled a number of Social Media policies from companies such as Intel, IBM, Sun and SAP.

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