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Tips for Finding Resumes Online

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Although technology has seemingly made it easier to locate resumes online, spending time and money combing job boards for candidates can become a drain. The adage “you get what you pay for” does not always apply to finding quality candidates via online resumes. Recruiters can spend a small fortune on premium Web sites and still not find what they are looking for. Here are ten tips that will help your search for online resumes run smoother and more efficiently.

1. Do your homework and pinpoint exactly what you are looking for before you begin your search. Define the skill sets associated with the position you are trying to fill and stick to the tangible results. Intangibles like personality and culture fit will come into play when you are interviewing candidates down the road.

2. Running effective searches largely depends on how specialized you want to be. There are general purpose sites like Monster, Career Builder and Hot Jobs and ones that focus on specific industry segments like itjobs.

3. You can even find resumes using search engines like Google, Lycos and Yahoo!, and you can shave time off your search by going directly to a specialized site.

4. When you are looking for resumes with a specific word with multiple possible endings like trainer, training and train. Check to see if the engine you’re using supports wildcard matches where you insert an asterisk at the end of the base word (e.g. train*). This draws the Web sites with all of the words that begin with that base word.

5. Take advantage of free services. AppleOne’s Direct Source is a free tool that provides recruiters access to an online database. The technology gives you direct access to a vast database of pre-qualified candidates and equips you with powerful search and filtering tools. The listings contain detailed candidate profiles that ensure matches to your precise requirements. Direct Source is online at AppleOne’s Web site at

6. If you want to specifically target certain companies for a source of recruits, try a search using keywords that include “resume” and the name of a company. Results can be spotty, so you may then need to contact mismatches to try to get referrals to better matches.

7. Use a metasearch engine to locate professionals with similar qualifications.  Search on key information such as the company's e-mail address or name and see if it leads you to staff rosters.

8. Always use discretion when you are contacting someone who has a resume posted online and is currently employed. Odds are they will not want their current employers to know they have a resume posted.

9. Be aware that the resume-matching services don’t always eliminate old or inactive accounts.

10. Another form of searching for candidates is having them seek you out. Frequently update the information and job available listings on your company’s Web site to ensure you are attracting the kind of candidates you are looking for.

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