Delivering the Termination Message
by Maria Greco Danaher

Sensitivity, professionalism, and timing are critical when terminating an employee. When it is time to deliver an employment termination message, it is important to carefully word the message and to put it in writing. Here are a few general guidelines that can help to smooth a potentially fractious situation:


Tips for Finding Resumes Online

Although technology has seemingly made it easier to locate resumes online, spending time and money combing job boards for candidates can become a drain. The adage “you get what you pay for” does not always apply to finding quality candidates via online resumes. Recruiters can spend a small fortune on premium Web sites and still not find what they are looking for. Here are ten tips that will help your search for online resumes run smoother and more efficiently.


Client Spotlight on Donald Draper, Labor Trailer Office Manager, GES Exposition Services:
Exhibiting Outstanding Mentorship Qualities and Results

Technology plays a key role in deterring and curbing crime. However, the technology can only be as good as the people who provide, operate and maintain it. Industry-leading BI, Incorporated supports 1,500 community corrections agencies with offender supervision technology, treatment and prisoner reentry programs that produce lasting results. Working through 44 locations nationwide, the company currently has a staff of 560 professionals. Having such a key role in public safety means that BI, Inc. must maintain high Human Resources standards when hiring. Helping ensure quality recruitment and retention results is Tess Touve, BI, Inc.’s Human Resources Coordinator. More...

Book Review
Leadership as a Lifestyle

With people leading increasingly busy lives it seems essential to delineate between work and home life. We’ve all heard the expression about someone “bringing their work home with them,” and the dangers associated with doing this. Interestingly, Leadership as a Lifestyle takes a novel outlook, and cautions against compartmentalizing the different aspects of our lives. Hawkins believes that being a good leader is not a mode of thinking, but a practice that must be integrated into all aspects of our existence. Anyone in a leadership position who is not content with quick-fix solutions and seeks long-term loyalty and commitment will gain new perspectives this book.


Q: We just got set up on your On-line Time Reporting system. Being centralized in HR, it's great because I can see instantly just how many temps we have out, and I love that you store all of that historical information for easy access.

But, since we have a couple of job sites, it's kind of a hassle to track down my managers each week to approve the time cards. Is there a way I can get them set up so that they can approve those cards?

A: When you go into the site, click on the "Delegates" link. This will take you to a page where you can grant approval rights to other individuals and specify how long they should have those rights. They'll automatically be e-mailed and invited to create a system user. -Staffing Success

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