Jobless Recovery Brings Temp-To-Hire Back into Fashion

Temp-to-Hire has long been the preferred staffing method of choice among many of the more experienced hiring managers with whom we work. A few years ago, the tight labor market and difficulty finding quality Temp-to-Hire candidates caused the method to fall from use. Now, as we see the signs of a third jobless recovery, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this favored staffing strategy. Find out why and how you can make Temp-to-Hire a prominent part of your staffing mix. More...

Employee Travel Incentives:
Rewards that Go the Extra Mile

Smart managers know that employee morale and motivation directly influence productivity, loyalty and profits – no matter what the economy. When it comes to cost-efficiency and perceived value, more and more managers are discovering that nothing covers more ground than travel
incentives. More...

Book Review
Accountability: Freedom and Responsibility Without Control
-by Rob Lebow, Randy Spitzer
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 276 pages, $12.57

Summer reading usually consists of lighter material you can breeze through while lounging next to a body of water. Accountability fits the bill. This entertaining quick read features an added bonus — it’s chock-full of worthwhile wisdom for managers and will alter the way you lead people in a positive fashion. More...

Q. Like most companies, we have been struggling to absorb the runaway costs of our health benefit. We've negotiated and changed providers, and we've shifted some of the additional burden to our people. Now we're thinking seriously about discontinuing the benefit all together. Have any other companies done this? What was the impact on recruiting and retention?

A.You are not alone in your concern. In a recent American Benefits Council survey, 86 percent of respondents were very concerned that increasing costs would adversely affect their ability to provide quality health coverage. More...

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How is your company primarily responding to rising health benefit costs?


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