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Expectations for Growth Remain High with Increased Activity in 4th Quarter

The economic recovery remains a key point of interest for many companies trying to plan for the future. As a full service employment partner, AppleOne offers a unique perspective, and many of our clients continue to ask us for indications as to how the economy is likely to progress. With that in mind, we have just completed a survey of our clients to better understand their expectations for future growth. As the economic recovery progresses, companies remain largely positive about their growth potential this year. However, companies are projecting that most of that growth will occur in the 4th quarter.


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The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Networkers
by Lydia Ramsey

All business people are networkers whether they realize it or not. Some are more effective than others and enjoy it more than others.  Anyone can master the art of networking with a bit of effort and a little magic.


Q. How long does it take you to find somebody? Our receptionist is scheduled to start maternity leave next week. I knew I needed to get somebody to cover, but I thought I had more time. Can you help me find somebody by next week?

A. Absolutely. Our average time to fill on a temporary assignment like that is just 27 minutes. You can call (800) 564-5644 to be connected to a local office, and they'll get started on finding you somebody perfect for you right away.

If it's after business hours, and you don't want to forget, you can submit a request online here:
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