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MERIT Profile: Revealing the Best Person for the Job

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In an ideal world, candidates with best scores, qualifications and experience are hired and the workplace becomes more productive as a result. In reality, although skills are important, often, character is an even bigger driver of success. Unfortunately, while there are numerous measures for proficiency and core competencies, there has never been a precise means for evaluating character and behavior. Never, that is, until now.

"Turnover is caused by several different factors, but the majority – 60% – of hires fail due to character," says A-Check America Vice President Carlos Lacambra. "Too many new hires just end up not fitting in with his or her boss or peers."

Informed Hiring Decisions Made Easy

A-Check's newest tool, MERIT Profile Character and Behavior Assessment, has been shown to effectively and objectively determine character and behavior. "Initially, we added assessment programs to our range of services to accommodate our clients' requests," says Carlos. "Many of the HR Managers and employers we work with asked about tools that would allow them to determine their applicants' work behavior." MERIT Profile proved to be so effective that A-Check and AppleOne have decided to implement it into their internal hiring process.

Administering the assessment is as easy as the results are comprehensive, requiring no more than a few minutes of the candidate and hiring manager's time. If you've ever taken a simple personality test, you have an idea of what MERIT Profile Assessment is like. It's simply 60 descriptive statements that applicants rank from one to five based on how much the statement applies to them. The assessment is actually quite engaging and even fun. It does not evaluate for correct or incorrect answers, but rather, seeks to gather information to build an in-depth applicant profile. This profile gives you, as a prospective employer, a clear insight on the different aspects of the applicant's character including integrity, leadership abilities, need for supervision, and many others. It also measures how the applicant would behave in different situations, from tackling day-to-day duties to handling emergencies.

The Smart, Cost-Effective Way to Hire

All in all, the entire assessment, which is administered online, takes from three to seven minutes to complete. As fun and engaging as the assessments are, the resulting profiles are based on scientifically set benchmarks. For a small investment of $75 to $125 per applicant, employers can save thousands of dollars by using MERIT Profile to effectively narrow down the candidate pool to the best possible matches. It's a very smart and cost-effective way to confidently identify the individuals most likely to develop and succeed in the position, team and company culture.

"The question is no longer just how qualified candidates are – employers also need to determine whether or not prospective employees possess the traits and character to fit in and flourish within the organization," says AppleOne DVP. "With MERIT Profile, AppleOne reinforces its position as a single-source staffing partner to businesses of all sizes. More importantly, MERIT Profile strengthens our ability to deliver outstanding candidates by giving our clients a means of ensuring each hire is – and shall remain – a sound hiring investment."

For more information about MERIT Profile and other A-Check Services, please visit their Web site at or call (877) 345-2021.

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