The High Cost of Vacancy

Cost of Vacancy (COV) is an increasingly popular metric that is revealing hidden drains resulting from protracted recruitment horizons. While most managers have long understood turnover costs and recruitment costs, many have been blinded to productivity drains and other costs of vacancy that over time may be subtracting substantially from the bottom line. Learn more about this crucial metric and why you must be tracking it in order to ensure optimal results for your organization.


MERIT Profile: Revealing the Best Person for the Job

In an ideal world, candidates with best scores, qualifications and experience are hired and the workplace becomes more productive as a result. In reality, although skills are important, often, character is an even bigger driver of success. Unfortunately, while there are numerous measures for proficiency and core competencies, there has never been a precise means for evaluating character and behavior. Never, that is, until now.


Book Review

by Jack Welch

Managers looking for a blueprint to success will find Winning! rife with management strategies to marvel at and emulate. As the former CEO of General Electric, Welch shares insights on everything from crisis management to corporate character. Fortune Magazine dubbed him “The manager of the century” and this new book doesn’t skimp on sharing his wealth of wisdom. If you’re having trouble with hires and fires or looking to develop talent internally, Welch is speaking your language. And those trying to get a handle on their competition will appreciate what he has to say about the external forces that affect a company.


Q. I found somebody I'm interested in hiring. In the past, I've really enjoyed the trial period that Temp-to-Hire affords. Can I do something like that with people that I recruited on my own?

A. Absolutely. Contact your local AppleOne branch, and your Account Executive will help you get that set up.

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