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Diving for Pearls:
How to Identify Great Candidates in a Vast Pool of Applicants!

Reading and evaluating a candidate’s resume isn’t that difficult nor time-consuming – it’s when you have to assess and compare several of them that it becomes a challenge. And with each online job ad now typically generating hundreds of responses, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are suggestions on how to get to the bottom of that ever-growing pile and find those candidates that matter. More...

Working Together For Success

Building a team that functions successfully as a cohesive unit can be challenging for managers. Although companies frequently talk about team players, rewards are usually reserved for individual performers who distinguish themselves from the pack. Breaking from this mindset to a “We beats I” approach that values collaboration calls for a commitment to recognizing group efforts. A manager’s approach combined with company policies can shift attitudes so employees are unified and motivated to be team players. More...

Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity

by David Allen
Penguin USA, 288 pages, $11.20

In these days of manic multi-tasking and professionals trying every trick to increase productivity, Getting Things Done clears the clutter by offering a no-nonsense guide to getting more done with less effort. David Allen not only lays out ways to become maximally efficient, but stresses how important it is to be relaxed while you work. More...

Q. I recently ran an advertisement for a position I was recruiting for. I got about 200 resumes most of which didn't meet our requirements for this or any other job that we have. Can I just throw those out, or do I need to retain them for some amount of time?

A. Many statutes specify the types of records employers must keep in order to prove compliance, and the length of time for which such documents must be retained. However, there is no specific obligation to retain resumes for un-hired applicants. More...

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