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Retaining Top Players to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Losing productive employees does more than depress workplace morale—it can cost you as much as two times the employee’s salary in lost productivity and replacement costs. With 47% of employees reporting that they are ready to seek greener pastures, employee retention is becoming a major challenge. So what can you do to keep your ‘keepers’ and maintain your competitive edge?


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The Case for Feedback
by Suzanne Dyer-Gear, MAS, SPHR

There’s an urban legend in Human Resource circles that goes something like this: A manager got a telephone call one day from a person asking about a job that had been advertised a couple of months before, and whether or not it had been filled. The manager replied that they had indeed hired someone for the position. The person on the other end of the phone then asked if it was a successful hire for the company, or if the manager thought that the position might be advertised again sometime in the near future. The manager informed the caller that the person was doing well, and that he was confident that they would not be recruiting for the position in the near future. The person making the inquiry thanked him, and hung up.


Q. AppleOne found us a receptionist that we decided to hire on a temp-to-hire basis. She’s been here for about a month now and we all love her to pieces. Do we have to wait for the end of the temp-to-hire period before we hire her, or could we do that now?

A. You don’t have to wait. In fact, if you are sure you want to hire somebody you should do that as soon as possible to remove any question of losing them. Just call up your account rep and they’ll walk you through what you need to do to hire them right now.

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