Q. One of my employees just gave notice. Officially, we're in a hiring freeze, but this is a very important position, and I'm not sure how we can function without having somebody in place to do that work. What can I do?

A. There are a few options. First, even in the toughest of times, companies continue to hire and replace departing staff. You have a general hiring freeze in place, but, it's always possible to get an exemption. You could go to your supervisor and make your case for why this position is critical and must be re-filled. If you can't make that case, contingency labor can be a very effective tool for companies who need get work done, but can't currently add full-time staff. Talk you your AppleOne representative, and we can send somebody out to keep your work running smoothly. Once the hiring freeze is lifted, we can transfer the associate to your payroll, which creates a very easy transition for you and the employee. This is an excellent time to replace and enhance staff as there are some very strong candidates in the market right now, so this problem could turn out to be an opportunity.

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