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Do Your Employees Feel Valued?
Making Employee Reward and Recognition Programs Effective

Recognizing employees for superior performance and rewarding them can be challenging if you don’t have a strategy in place. It’s not as simple as giving out Thanksgiving turkeys to those who have passed their quotas or done outstanding work. The best managers design their recognition programs from a wider perspective – one that takes into account the mission, objectives and values of their organization.


To Rehire or Not to Rehire?

Over the past decade, many companies have been forced to downsize their workforces to remain competitive. One overlooked outcome of downsizing is the option for businesses to bring back displaced workers. Recent research shows a nearly 50-50 split between companies that are welcoming former employees and others that do not practice hiring back. If you are in a position to rehire someone, there are many factors to weigh in and possible scenarios to prepare for.


Book Review

Virtual Leadership:
Secrets from the Round Table for the Multi-Site Manager
by John C. Maxwell

Technological advances help managers to communicate and delegate faster and easier, but the “virtual world” can have adverse effects on keeping teams running smoothly. Virtual Leadership is designed to speak to multi-site managers with team members in diverse locations. Told as instructional fiction, the book’s style is both engaging and informative.


Q. We'd like to hire one of your temps. Jim came in a couple of days ago to help out with a couple of projects, and he was great. He seemed to fit right in, and really showed a lot of initiative, which was a very pleasant surprise. I've been trying to fill a position in our accounting support team for a while now, but I'm not having any luck. I think Jim would be perfect. How does something like that work?

A. That's fantastic! We always appreciating hearing when things work out like that. The first step is to speak with our Account Executive and let them know. They will speak with the associate on your behalf and let them know that you would be interested in hiring them. If the associate is similarly interested, then your account executive will help you and the associate in working out the particulars.

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