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Simple Ways to Get Even Better Temps

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Wouldn't it be great if every Temp was the perfect Temp? You know the type — the one who seems to have been perfectly hand-crafted for your particular assignment. Of course, each AppleOne Temp is, if not hand-crafted, then hand-selected. Anyone we send you will be able to get the job done. However, there are a few simple things you can do to help us get closer to that perfect ideal.

On Site for Insight

"The easiest way to provide the best information is to invite your Account Executive over," says AppleOne south Orlando Branch Manager Kelly Merbler. "We're very willing to go and meet with the client at their office at their convenience. In fact, having the opportunity to visit the site and meet some employees increases our ability to provide them with accurate matches."

You might also want to have your Account Executive meet with the people closely associated with the position you wish to fill. "When our contact person is someone from HR, we usually ask to meet with the hiring manager, or even the person who used to occupy the position in cases where promotion was the cause of the vacancy," says AppleOne Temecula Senior Account Executive Debra Andriacchi. "These people have a working familiarity with the daily demands of the position, and often provide very specific information that helps us find the right matches more efficiently."

Help Them Help You

Another resource you can maximize is the job order. If you have a list of candidate requirements, you can expedite your order by sending it to your Account Executive before calling in your job order. "Many of our clients now do this automatically because they find it saves them a lot of time," says AppleOne Manhattan Beach Branch Manager Melissa Hayes. "This is because it will let your Account Executive start building the ideal candidate profile and ask you more targeted questions by the time you call."

Remember, giving your Account Executive better information means you get better results. While some of the questions are routine, like the level of professional experience and qualifications you require, some may be more probative. "If the position was previously occupied, we may ask what qualities you liked and disliked in the person who used to hold the position, or why that person left," says Melissa. Be open to these types of questions, she suggests, because it will give your Account Executive a better handle on what to look out for. Ultimately, this can save you time that would otherwise be wasted on unsuitable candidates.

Double-checking your list of requirements will also work to your advantage, as well as comparing notes with those who are also familiar with what the position entails. "Satisfying our clients is a major priority, which is why we work hard to deliver candidates that best fit their needs," says AppleOne Regional Manager Denise Corrigan. "We always encourage employers to focus on candidate qualifications needed to be effective in the position rather than what they want to see in an applicant." One example Denise gives of 'want versus need' is work experience. "Some employers tend to overhire or require a candidate that is overqualified," says Denise. "This often results in hiring someone with skills that cannot be fully utilized, who requires more pay, and has higher expectations. And when these expectations aren't met, the overqualified employee usually looks for more commensurate opportunities, both pay and challenge-wise."

Personality is Key

The law prohibits making hiring decisions based on discriminatory factors like age, sex, race, and marital status. Personality, however, is a crucial hiring consideration. A candidate with a personality that matches or complements the workplace culture would be more comfortable and, in all likelihood, more able to contribute in a positive manner. Melissa says she often encounters clients who forget – or are reluctant – to identify or specify personality types. "Each organization, and even each department within an organization, has a unique culture," says Melissa. "Candidates cannot truly be fit for the position unless they fit in with the people they will be working with." By letting your Account Executive know that the position can be stressful or demanding, for example, then he or she would know to look for candidates who not only possess the right qualifications, but also personalities that will thrive rather than crack under pressure.

Seek for Yourself

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to hiring, you might want to look into Apple DirectSource, which combines one of the largest candidate databases in the industry with the most innovative Internet search tools. Launched in 2002, Apple DirectSource has been receiving very positive feedback from employers who want to be more actively involved in the candidate screening process. "Our Web-based search tools offer the best of both worlds," says AppleOne Vice President of Sales and Marketing Marc Goldman. "From the comfort of their desks, employers can search for exactly what they want, with the assurance that each result is pre-qualified to ensure that every match is up to AppleOne's exceptionally high candidate standards." Unlike Internet job boards such as that charge companies for access to on-line resume banks, searching for resumes on the AppleOne site is completely free. Apple DirectSource connects potential employers to an ever-growing selection of pre-qualified Direct-Hire and Temporary candidates. Search, ask questions, and even schedule interviews or dispatch temporary associates at your convenience. It is only when you find and choose to hire an AppleOne candidate that will you be charged a placement fee.

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