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Background Checks
What You Need To Know in a World of Information

If, like many hiring managers, you are in the process of introducing background checks into your hiring procedure, you may be wondering about a few things: What type of background check should you use? How does one conduct a check that is both thorough and ethical? How much does it cost? Knowing the answers to these questions is a crucial step toward choosing and optimizing the background checks that best fit your needs. Want to beef up your hiring security? Then read on to get a leg up on background checks. More...

Simple Ways to Get Even Better Temps

Wouldn't it be great if every Temp was the perfect Temp? You know the type — the one who seems to have been perfectly hand-crafted for your particular assignment. Of course, each AppleOne Temp is, if not hand-crafted, then hand-selected. Anyone we send you will be able to get the job done. However, there are a few simple things you can do to help us get closer to that perfect ideal. More...

Book Review
Discipline Without Punishment
-by Dick Grote, Richard C. Grote, 243 pages, $18.87

Striking the right chord with problem employees is a challenge for every manager. Confronting a subordinate with their need to change is a manager's toughest job. Overly harsh punishment creates lingering resentment and coddling offenders leaves the door open for further unacceptable behavior. Discipline Without Punishment resoundingly hits the proper chord for dealing with improper workplace behavior by focusing on correcting problems instead of punishing offenders. This book should be studied and practiced prior to problems arising, as the valuable information here can head off concerns before they become realities. More...

Q. I read with interest your last article about employee recognition. We've had a recognition program in place for a few years now, but we're still experiencing motivational problems. What would be the next step?

A. Keeping staff motivated presents an on-going challenge. However, given the crucial importance of a productive work force, it's a challenge that must be taken. More...

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