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CNU: Making Quality Education Accessible and Affordable

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With the economy continuing to be a challenge for businesses everywhere, employers and their staff are feeling the strain of doing more with less. One smart solution more and more companies are turning to is to equip their streamlined staff with solid skills. “It’s a good way to maximize our human capital,” says HR Manager Garth Parker. “We find investing in our employees beneficial because it both equips them to be as productive as possible and conveys our interest in their long-term welfare”. Of course, one caveat is that the education must be affordable for both the employee and employer—and it should not interfere with the employees’ time on the job.

California National University for Advanced Studies, or CNU, puts quality education within the reach of even the busiest professionals. As a fully accredited distance learning institution, a unique aspect to CNU programs is the one-on-one instruction students receive from a distinguished national faculty. “Although the University has taken advantage of advancements in technology to improve instruction, technology is regarded as an enhancement rather than a replacement for good teaching and relevant content,” says Vice President of Student Affairs and Registrar Stephanie Smith. “Our students enjoy an educational climate that is typical of one found on a small traditional campus.” This is made possible at a distance through a centralized Learning Network; emphasizing committed student service and open communication. “We are deeply committed to putting students in control of their learning and giving them the freedom of studying at the time, the pace and the place that works best for their lifestyles.” With courses available every single Friday and no campus visits required, students have the flexibility they need to achieve education goals while balancing work and family responsibilities.

CNU’s Degree Programs

College of Business Administration
The CNU College of Business offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs that seek to develop the critical, analytical, and communication skills of the complete business executive of tomorrow by taking advantage of the most advanced theories, applications, and educational tools of today. Designed to meet the special needs of managers and other personnel for enhanced business acumen, the Business Administration, degree program and corresponding electives are presented through a wide range of cutting-edge delivery systems. Students interact with some of the nation's leading experts, using guided instruction and directed work experience. More Information

College of Quality and Engineering Management
The degree programs offered by the College of Quality and Engineering Management are designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in Quality Assurance Science and Engineering Management. Graduates are expected to possess sufficient knowledge to achieve professional certification (eg. registration with ASQ or PMI) if they choose to do so. More Information

College of Engineering
The CNU College of Engineering offers Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering degrees with electives in computer, electrical, environmental, mechanical engineering, and Bachelor degrees in computer science and quality assurance science. At the undergraduate level, basic sciences and general engineering are highlighted to help a student evolve into a well-rounded engineer with strengths in the area of his/her choice. At the graduate level, students and faculty work closely together to choose a sub discipline that complements the individual's work environment. More Information

CNU's Certificate Programs

Certificate Program in Human Resources Management
The Certificate Program in Human Resources Management is designed to provide participants with the necessary background essential to meeting the needs of the corporate HR department in the 21st century. Participation is appropriate for both newcomers to the human resources field and those with some experience but who are seeking to keep current in the field or expand their knowledge base. More Information

Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate Program
The Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate program focuses on the necessary tools most commonly used by business professionals everywhere. Created with applied exercises and real-world case studies for a unique learning experience, the course consists 6 weeks of self-paced computer-based training (CBT) course. California National University Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) Certificate Program follows the DMAIC model and teaches the skills businesses rely on to lead projects effectively. Because CNU's program is self paced (CBT) online, you can participate as long as you have a connection to the Internet. CNU offers a Certificate after a student completes all required assignments and passes the final exam. More Information

Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Program         
This course is available to students with at least one year working in Quality Improvements or with Six Sigma projects and Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate. The course consists of eight weeks of self-paced computer-based training (CBT) course. This course provides a review of the basic statistical methods, focusing on quality and continuous improvement and six sigma methods in all aspects of business operation including Critical to Quality (CTQ), and DMAIC Methodology. A review of project management and measurement analysis is emphasized. This course follows the body of knowledge suggested by the American Society of Quality to be reviewed and studied as a preparation for the Certification as Six Sigma Black Belt. CNU offers a Certificate after a student completes all required assignments and passes the final exam. More Information

Founded in 1993 in recognition of the need for working adults to meet contemporary challenges to re-think and re-tool, CNU provides quality degree programs in a flexible environment. This goal has been accomplished by adopting an innovative approach to traditional education; combining self-study with direct personal contact and technology. CNU offers programs which afford a rich opportunity for U.S. and Non U.S. residents to match their desire to develop intellectually and professionally. For more information regarding CNU’s programs, tuition, etc., please contact CNU’s Senior Admissions Advisor, Ms. Cynthia Speed, at or (800) 782-2422. More information may also be found at


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