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Generally, the best way to work with AppleOne is to allow our Account Executives to take a qualified job order which will allow us to quickly and precisely find just the person you're looking for. But, if you're the do-it-yourself type or just want to get a broader idea of the types of quality candidates available through AppleOne, our Direct Source utility allows you to quickly and easily search through millions of candidates in our database.


Tackle the Monster Project

We all have a dragon to slay -- that low priority, high effort project that's lurking at the bottom of your to-do list. It's tempting to keep putting it off, but projects like this can create a surprising amount of ongoing stress. Taking steps, even small steps to get to them and clear them will improve your work life. Once a project like this is out of the way, it frees you to focus on tasks that yield greater rewards. Here are some things you can do get it done and off of your plate.


Book Review

Bringing Out The Best In Others!
3 Keys for Business Leaders, Educators, Coaches and Parents

by Thomas K. Connellan

Managers looking for a fresh approach to tapping into the true potentials of their teams will profit from this straightforward, concise book. It begins with five managers experiencing different motivational issues with their employees. Connellan offers insights into how birth order affects personality, and in turn, job performance. He examines the phenomenon of firstborns being high achievers and reaches an interesting conclusion. Being firstborn is not what matters – it’s the environment that parents create for them.


Q. I know that AppleOne tests for skills. My manager just asked me about personality testing. Do you guys offer anything like that?

A. AppleOne does extensive skills testing. Our Applearn system tests hard skills like typing and proficiency with various computer systems. Our Core Assessment series tests soft skills and allows us to better match candidates with specific jobs. As an additional service, we can also work with A-check America to conduct a range of background and drug screening. A-check is also working with us to develop a behavioral test called the MERIT Profile that will provide the personality and behavior testing that your manager has asked you about. Let your AE know that you are interested in the MERIT Profile and she or he can provide you with additional information and availability.


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