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Keeping Workers’ Comp Costs at Bay

In its most basic definition, workers' compensation is the provision of income and medical benefits for workers who sustain job-related injuries or sickness. For many employers, however, it has come to mean millions of dollars in healthcare cost and lost productivity. And with average cost having risen by nearly 50% in the last three years, one of the best investments a company can make is to take steps to reduce instances of workplace injury. Fortunately, when it comes to an office environment, the solutions can be as simple as paying more attention to one’s workplace. More...

Five Tips for New Managers

New managers are challenged to do more with less and navigating the uncharted waters of dealing with a new team and superiors can be overwhelming. Your ability to rally your team together to accomplish common goals will determine how successful you are in your new managerial role. More...

Client Spotlight on Jim Shanahan, HR Manager and Kristina Graci-de Luna, Director of Recruiting:
Nurturing Inner Child Key to Recruiting/Tenure for Gymboree

It’s 3 p.m. – do you know where your employees are? If you work at The Gymboree Corporation headquarters in San Francisco, California, they’re probably having their milk and cookies – or maybe even enjoying cappuccinos and some fresh air on the Company’s private sun deck. Director of Recruiting, Kristina Graci-de Luna and HR Manager, Jim Shanahan are part of a team responsible for recruiting, retaining and developing Gymboree Corp. employees who are as productive as they are playful. More...

Book Review
The Art of Possibility:
Transforming Professional and Personal Life

The business world often stresses results and the bottom line, but even the busiest professional knows that without creativity our professional and personal lives would be lacking. The Art of Possibility does not confine creativity to recognized artistic endeavors like painting or acting. Instead, it focuses on the creative spirit that dwells in our minds and in our outlook on life. The authors believe that where there are doubts there are possibilities, and this book is a great way to unleash your transformative powers to change everyday situations at work and at home. More...

Q: I need to let one of my people go. He's been with us for 5 months, but it is simply not working out. I'm a small business owner, and this is the first time I've had to fire somebody. Are there any steps I need to take to avoid getting sued or anything like that? The business is in Los Angeles, CA if that matters.

A: As long as there is no contract or agreement stipulating any length of employment, an employer can terminate an employee. It is illegal for a termination to be based on reasons that constitute discrimination such as race, age, marital status, etc. An employee should not be terminated for filing a complaint of illegal behavior, or if he/she has a disability that can be reasonably accommodated. More...

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