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Seize Your Share of Top Talent and Get Your Share of HIRE Act Tax Breaks

To stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment, President Obama signed the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act on March 18, 2010. The ‘HIRE Act’ is centered around two provisions designed to reduce unemployment by providing tax incentives to businesses that hire unemployed workers.


Increase Worker Efficiency While Saving the Planet

In these times when less is more, achieving peak efficiency has become a priority among companies wanting to maximize productivity with minimal effort, energy and waste.  Companies that have switched to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to streamline both their paper consumption and operations are finding that, in addition to considerable cost savings, they are also saving time and doing their part to save the environment.


Q. I was looking at your HIRE Act calculator to review the amount of tax I will save on some of the people I hired recently. I was wondering why there is no difference in the amount I save between people who were hired in February compared to those I hired in March. I thought people hired after February 3rd counted.

A. Qualifying employees hired after February 3rd do count, but the tax holiday only applies to salary paid to those employees after March 18th. Also, we offer the calculator to provide a very simple estimate that treats a hire date of April 1 the same as a hire date of April 30 . You should consult with your tax preparer for more specific saving information related to actual hire dates.

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