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Make Their Day! Employee Recognition That Works
by Cindy Ventrice
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 191 pages, $13.57

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Make Their Day! will expand your notions of recognizing good work and tying rewards to performance. Recognition begins with individual performance and remains a basic need for teams as well. If you're going to spend time or money on rewards or recognition, you might as well get maximum return on your investment. In turbulent economic times when managers are trying to stretch the money they spend, Make Their Day! gives great ideas on cost-efficient ways to recognize top performers.

According to author Cindy Ventrice's findings, "A positive work environment is highly productive, has less turnover, and is more profitable than other workplaces." One of the keys to cultivating a positive work environment is a timely, relevant rewards program. Ventrice believes the cornerstone of a successful recognition and rewards program is discovering the essence of a worker's psychological and emotional needs. In other words, what they truly value. The book explores the vast difference between Baby Boomer and Millennial/Gen Y generation values and suggests relevant ways to reward these workers.

Make Their Day! includes case studies of how well-known companies are using "recognition for retention" to keep their best and brightest. Chapters conclude with "Taking Action" sections listing rewarding strategies and the best ways to implement them. Readers learn how a cheap or poorly considered gift sends a mixed message to the employee, and read case studies of the wonders that the right gift can do. Ventrice's thorough approach of listing measurement tools that give managers feedback on which techniques are most effective illustrates her dedication to getting the full rewards and recognition process right.

Make Their Day! introduces the novel concept of self-recognition that managers will recognize as a key tool in their effort to recognize employees. Forming recognition teams bonds employees and injects teams with a sense of healthy competition. The book encourages using a mix of different rewards that will help those doing the rewarding from falling into a rut. If you are looking for inexpensive, creative ways to promote morale and employee retention, Make Their Day! has the how's, when's, what's, and why's for you.

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