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A-Check America: Ensuring Long-Term Cost Efficiency and Retention through Quality Hires

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Smart companies going through mergers and acquisitions always carry out due diligence. The same goes for employers who want to ensure that their hiring investments are sound. For this reason, background checks are gaining ground as part of the hiring process. As part of the larger Act•1 Group, AppleOne is affiliated with A-Check America, a global provider of background checks and drug screening services for employers. This partnership gives AppleOne clients the benefit of having a fast and cost-effective means of ensuring that each individual they hire possesses the skills, experience and background they want. More importantly, it empowers them to protect their companies from the liabilities of hiring ineligible candidates.

"Just a few years ago, most employers viewed background checks as an optional step in the hiring process. Things have changed dramatically since then," says A-Check America President Carlos Lacambra. "Now, not only are background checks the first line of defense against negligent hiring, they also top the list of protective measures taken by companies for themselves, their employees, and their clients."

Background Check Basics
The most common type of background check is comprised of a criminal search for felony and misdemeanor report and a Social Security trace. For most companies, this set is sufficient in verifying the identity and validity of a candidate. However, depending on the needs of the employers, background checks can be comprised of a combination of any of the following:

  • County Criminal Records
  • Federal Criminal Records
  • Prior Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Licensing Verification
  • Driver's Report
  • Credit Check
  • Reference Verification

More Efficiency for Employers
Earlier this year, A-Check announced the release of A-Check Direct™ 3.0, the newest version of the company's web-based employment screening platform. According to Lacambra, this will further trim employers' hiring costs by reducing the amount of time and resources spent on ineligible job applicants and speed up the overall background screening process for eligible candidates.

"The new system makes the background check and drug testing process easier, faster and less costly," says Lacambra. "We set out to leverage our development expertise to provide maximum benefits for employers and to solidly affirm A-Check's position as a technology leader in the employment screening industry. We have achieved those goals with A-Check Direct™ 3.0."

Eliminating Employers’ ‘Pain Points’
A-Check's Director of Operations, Kathi Parlapiano, says the advances behind A-Check Direct™ 3.0 came about through careful study of employers' background and drug screening needs, and the development of electronic processes to efficiently address those needs.

"We listened to our clients and worked to eliminate their pain points," says Parlapiano. "Clients expect us to help them control background screening costs without compromising quality. They want speed, efficiency and flexibility. They want innovative products. They want compliance. A-Check Direct™ 3.0 delivers on all fronts."

A-Check Direct™ incorporates many features not available elsewhere. The Progressive Ordering feature allows clients to enter minimal applicant information to quickly identify red flags to hiring—before proceeding with employment or education data entry and verifications. A-Check Direct™ 3.0 supports International background checks, tiered user access privilege levels, 1024 bit encryption and HRIS/ATS integration.

"A-Check focused on creating the best employment screening platform and now we want to share it with the world," says Lacambra. "A-Check Direct™ 3.0 is truly in a class by itself. Employers now have a screening platform that delivers all employment screening services through one access point, in a clear, cohesive manner."

For a system demonstration, or to set up a training session, contact A-Check America toll free at 877-345-2021 (Press "1") or e-mail:


A-Check America provides employment screening services to organizations of all sizes, including fortune 500 corporations and governmental entities. Certified Woman Minority Owned (MWBE) company. ISO 9001:2000 Certified. Oracle Certified Partner.


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