Q. We're starting to see some glimmers of improvement in our business. It's very resource intensive to meet client expectations, and after scaling back, we're already struggling to meet demand. As orders come back, I expect we'll need to scale up very quickly. What is the best way to prepare for that?

A. Every company is different, so you should contact your AppleOne representative and ask them to conduct a free needs assessment. However, from what you've said, it sounds like a mix of contingency staffing and temp-to-hire may give you the best combination of immediate, targeted productivity and long-term growth. We can dispatch associates right now to create a flexible workforce that can quickly grow or contract to meet your day-to-day demand needs. As you start to get more traction and are ready to grow your labor force, temp-to-hire will preserve some of that flexibility while allowing you to smoothly transition proven workers onto your staff.

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